By Sex Panther “They are who we thought they were!” –Dennis Green Beginning with the immortal words of Dennis Green, we’ve finally (or sadly, depending on your point of view) arrived at the midpoint in the season it is getting much easier to tell who’s good and who’s crap. We know who plays well at […]

By: Sex Panther “Trying is the first step towards failure, so the moral of the story is, never try.” -Homer Simpson So I spend a great deal of time recording, editing, and mixing this week’s picks podcast, on which we also discussed the potential demise of the Patriots, and played Fact or Crap when rating […]

By Sex Panther “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”- Maximus Part 1: What’s Wrong with Generation Whatever? With the recent laws out of Colorado attempting to legalize all marijuana use and sales under an ounce, it is time to add a 4th G to the traditional […]

By Sex Panther & Monatu After a subpar 8-6 performance last week brings Sex Panther to 54-34 on the year, he brings Monatu back to ponder the fate of their beloved Patriots, revel in the revivals of Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and discuss which quarterbacks are legit and which are frauds. Eventually they get […]

By Sex Panther “What in the holy hell is going on around here!?!” -My 3.47 readers. Let it just be known that I quit one of my 4 jobs (yes, I count this website as one of my jobs) to improve overall sanity and quality of writing, err, life. If you’re still reading my site […]