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Week 11 Picks

By Sex Panther 1pm Cardinals @ Falcons Gut check time Falcons. Nobody thought you would go 16-0, and now that you’ve lost everyone is saying “told you so.” Can you bounce back and dominate an inferior opponent, showing that you might not be 16-0, but you are for real. The Pick: Falcons Browns @ Cowboys […]

The Belated All Pro Team + Fearless Second Half Predictions

By Sex Panther As we approach Thanksgiving—the point where real football starts to get played in the NFL—the contenders will separate themselves from the pretenders and a few unexpected teams will go on the patented late season runs to become Super Bowl dark horses. We might once again see a vintage Tom Brady-Peyton Manning race […]

The Week the Weather Became a Factor

By Sex Panther I looked at my weather forecast to see a low of 31 tonight, and 27 tomorrow night. Many of the grizzled cold-weather football fans start to get excited about this time of year. The teams from Florida, Arizona, and California have to travel to places like Green Bay, Chicago, Buffalo, and New […]

Week 8 Power Rankings: The Killer in You is the Killer in Me

By Sex Panther “They are who we thought they were!” –Dennis Green Beginning with the immortal words of Dennis Green, we’ve finally (or sadly, depending on your point of view) arrived at the midpoint in the season it is getting much easier to tell who’s good and who’s crap. We know who plays well at […]

Plan B: The Podcast that Wasn’t

By: Sex Panther “Trying is the first step towards failure, so the moral of the story is, never try.” -Homer Simpson So I spend a great deal of time recording, editing, and mixing this week’s picks podcast, on which we also discussed the potential demise of the Patriots, and played Fact or Crap when rating […]