The title says it all. This blog is dedicated to the various things that men talk about over a few drinks. We shoot the shit about sports, politics, pop culture, and the occasional self help with the goal of either dissecting an argument that you have probably had, or giving you some new ideas to think about. We’d like to say that this site is for the cultured, refined man, and at some times it is. Some of the more complex arguments we have here could very well belong to politicians, philosophers, or members of the board of directors. But that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to the base, perverted, and inane; in fact we embrace it. Above all we look to give a fresh perspective and candid voice on the things men talk about. For this reason, our authors all use code names. We would like to keep our day jobs, at least until this website becomes a legitimate way to pay the bills.


Sex Panther

Your Founder and Editor in Chief




Sex Panther: Editor in Chief


Manatu: Football and Political Writer


Oil Barrel: Football and Basketball Writer


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