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NFL Week 4 Picks

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the fly” This week I’m the fly. I know these picks are out late and the rationale isn’t all that great, but as I said, this week I was the fly. Week 3 Records Sex Panther 6-9 (23-23 overall) Oil Barrel 7-7 (14-15) Monatu (7-8) Week 4 Picks Browns […]

Week 4 Power Rankings: Funny Dead Fucks

By Sex Panther This week we’re giving a tribute to my three favorite comedic sages. After watching three straight weeks of awful calls, poor PR decisions, and scary-violent hits, I felt like I needed a few laughs, and maybe a bit of wisdom. The Mitch Hedberg Division Rank Last Team Comments 32 Flat Browns 0-4 […]

The No Passing League: The Hidden Legacy of Replacement Officials and Super Bowl Champions

By Sex Panther Possibly the three best teams of last regular season—the Packers, Patriots, and Saints—are a combined 2-7. Wait, WHAT? Doesn’t this league revolve around quarterbacks? Let’s take a closer look at what has happened to these three teams, something that I think might illuminate the entire league’s record, as well as the replacement […]

The No Huddle: Chris Rock, Rob Schnider, and Apple Picking

By Sex Panther I’d be lying if I said that I watched the early games this weekend with my usual tunnel vision fervor—in fact, I didn’t watch them at all. I was out apple picking with the lady on one of those adult play dates that girlfriends tend to set up for their boyfriend. You […]

Week 3 Picks Podcast

By Sex Panther Ugh. Last week was brutal. Not only did I go 7-8 with my picks, I actually forgot to pick the Bills-Chiefs game, one that I know I would have gotten right. Because I didn’t even pick it, I had to count it as a loss. The consolation is that the other two […]