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Impact Rookies: What Position Makes the Easiest Transition to the NFL Game?

  By Sex Panther “And Tom Brady if you’re listening, take off the skirt and put on some slacks, toughen up.”-Rodney Harrison The conventional wisdom in the NFL is that the players closer to the line of scrimmage have an easier transition to the pro game. In the past this has been true because they […]

Patriots Preseason Preview 2: Defense and Special Teams

By: Sex Panther Defensive Line (8 players) Andre Carter, Jonathan Fanene, Trevor Scott, Chandler Jones, Jake Bequette, Brandon Deaderick, Vince Wilfork, Kyle Love, Myron Pryor This group is the most encouraging it has been since 2007. Bill Belichick usually brings in a few veteran castoffs that nobody has heard of, and tries to make chicken […]

Patriots Preseason Preview 1: Offense

By: Sex Panther We had a good team on paper. Unfortunately, the game was played on grass.” -Brian Clough From futbol in England to football in New England, I’m getting the team ready on paper so that hopefully it will perform on grass. For those of you crying “homer!” well, too bad. Yes, I will […]

How to Throw a Kick Ass Bachelor Party for Cheap

By Sex Panther “The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex.” – Hugh Hefner  Recently my best friend made one of the worst decisions of his life—he got married. Once the engagement ring was on his fiancé’s finger and it was clear that there was no turning back, I figured—much […]

The 2009 NFL Draft Redux

 By Sex Panther “Grading a draft the day after it happens is like giving a student a final grade after the fist day of class.” –Mel Kiper Jr. Who am I kidding, Mel Kiper Jr. didn’t say that. Bullshit is his business, and giving a player a pro grade based on his college career and […]